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7 Ways To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

1. Steam Your Clothes

If it’s an expensive suit or the white tee that you’re planning to wear for the day, steaming your clothes will make sure your garments look fresh. While hanging your clothes, take the steamer and run it across your garment and allow the steam to release the wrinkles, giving extra attention to the rough spots. This will help your clothes be wrinkle free without the harshness of an iron.

Garment Steamer | $17.99

2. Don’t Wash Your Clothes Too Often

Save your wardrobe with common sense when it comes to wash your clothes: if it looks clean and it smells clean, it probably is clean. When it comes to garments like tees and underwear, you should be washing with every wear (obviously). But clothes like jeans and jackets don’t usually need the same type of treatment if you keep them clean.

3. The Right Filling

Tired of having your used leather shoes look like they’re sad? These handsome pieces will help keep your shoes looking fresh.

Wooden Tree Shoes at Amazon | $18.99


4. Make Sure Your Pockets Are Empty

Ever walked up to your dryer midway and it hears like you’re washing a brick rather your clothes? This is probably because you left things in your pocket like coins, lighters, or buttons.

5. Always Separate Your Colors

I know sometimes you had a rough week and you don’t feel like doing laundry so you bunch all your clothes up together and throw them in a wash, but this can be one of the main causes why your clothes don’t last long. Before doing your loads, keep your whites, light colors, and dark colors clothes separate from each other. Tedious, but worth it.

6. Don’t Forget the Shoe Shine

You want to treat your leather shoes just like you treat your face, with delicate care. Polishing your shoes will protect it against the weather, keep it wrinkle free, and make you looking fresh with a nice shine.

Travel Leather Shoe Care Kit | $16.99


7. Hang Dry

Drying your clothes in a machine can ruin the quality of your clothes faster. Unless you have to wear that shirt today, hang them in an area with air flow instead of machine wash. This will keep the clothes lasting longer and prevent shrinkage. It’s great to hang your whites outside, but be careful not to leave your colors out to long to avoid them being faded

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