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Master The Basics – The Jean

Everyone has a different preference for the type of jeans they wear and you want to make sure you buy jeans that compliment your body. For myself, skinny and slim jeans look great on me while straight and boot cut makes me look like I’m swimming in them. Pairing the right color and fit jeans with your outfit is key to having that perfect look.

Jeans are ESSENTIAL to a wardrobe. The more you wear them, the more they will have that “live-in” look that becomes unique to your style. There are so many varieties of jeans that you could never have enough. But to keep it simple, we’re going to show you the basic type of jeans that everyone should have to complete your closet.

Relaxed Fit

This fit gives you excess material and will be on the looser and baggier side. It is more casual and laid back and is good when lounging around the house.


Straight Fit

One of the most popular fits for men of all ages, this is a fit between relaxed and skinny. What’s great about this fit is that maintains your shape and outline of your body while still giving you a comfortable amount to move around in

Skinny Fit

If you prefer tailored clothes, this is the best fit for you. It is best for slender and youthful guys and will really show the shape of your legs. When done correctly with other items like a well tailored sport coat, it will really show off your style. If you’re a guy who does squats everyday at the gym and have huge legs, these might be too skinny for you.


Bootcut Jeans

This fit is starting to get out of style now since fashion is starting to merge over to the skinny fit but can still be used if you love your big chunky boots. Be careful not to get wide of a bootcut because you don’t want them to start looking like flares at the end!

Grab the Basics

We suggest you have a few different style jeans to mix up your outfits. You should have a dark blue skinny/straight fit jeans that you can dress up with a sport coat or button down or dress down for a casual but sleek look. A light blue relaxed fit can be used with t-shirts for the weekend vibe where you plan to chill all day. Also have a straight fit pair of jeans in either black or gray to complete your wardrobe and have your bases covered.

Depending on your type of style, you need to find what kind of jeans will work for you. If you have the more polished and tailored look, you’re probably better off with skinny or straight fit jeans. If you like that relaxed weekend look, bootcut and relaxed jeans is the way to go for you. The most important thing is to make sure you’re comfortable with the way you look. Experiment with different type of pants to find out what you most like to be in! CONFIDENCE IS KEY.

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