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Master The Basics – The Blazer

Blazers can be worn with ease if used correctly and are starting to be worn more by younger, stylish men. What’s great about blazers is that it can be dressed up with slacks for a formal dinner out with the spouse or dressed down with some jeans for Sunday brunch. They are good “anchoring” pieces to match your outfit around and make a statement at your next gathering.

What Makes a Blazer

One of the biggest questions people have about blazers is if they are different than suit jackets and if they can wear just a suit jacket instead. One of the main differences between the two is if you have a matching trouser to go with it and yes, you can wear a suit jacket as a sport coat.

Blazers can also be categorized into two different fits: structured blazers and unstructured blazers. The structured blazer will have more defined shoulders and will be made with dressier fabric to hug your body better. The unstructured blazer will be a little more loose, usually made with a fabric like cotton and is made to look more casual.

The Fit

Too tight:

– The blazer pulls on the shoulder and forms an X in the front when buttoned.

– If you have restricted movement in your arms.

Too loose:

– Shoulders will have wrinkled appearance and extend past your natural shoulders.

– Length of the jacket goes past knuckles.

-Have excess room in front of your chest.

What can make or break the look of your blazer is the fit. Too tight and and the chest will start to wrinkle looking like the buttons want to burst open. Too loose and you will look like you borrowed your older brother’s sport coat for the night. Getting a blazer tailored perfect to your body is key to pulling off the look.

Types of Blazers


These blazers look best in the Spring and Summer time and will give a unstructured look. The cotton material makes the blazer very lightweight and breezy that makes it perfect in warmer weather. Cotton blazers look great in almost any colors and be paired with colored chino pants and sneakers.


Wool is one of the more better quality blazer that is a good in-between season sport coat. Wool coats look best when they have a darker color like gray or navy and can give that classic look. Wool blazers can very on price depending on what it is blended with. The higher quality and prices are blended with fabrics like cashmere and silk while the lower prices are blended with fabrics like polyester and elastane.


One of the more heavyweight fabrics, tweed blazers are best used in the winter to keep warmer. Most people think these are only for old english professors but they can definitely be used in a more modern way.


The linen blazer should be strictly used only for the Summer in a casual way when wool would be too hot for you. This fabric is incredibly lightweight and cool and must be taken will delicate care as it is a sensitive fabric. Linen blazers are completely unstructured giving that casual look like you should be setting sail for the sea. Our favorite way to wear one is with white pants, opened neck button down shirt, pocket square, loafers, and a drink in the hand.

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