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7 Pieces That Get Better With Age

Season after season, we are always buying new clothes to keep up with the trends and that can sometimes put a strain on our wallet. As much fun as it is to go shopping, sometimes I wish I didn’t have to replace my old clothes with new just because they’re out of style (who am I kidding, I LOVE getting new clothes). Luckily, there are a few pieces that you only need to buy one or two times in your lifetime because the longer you have them, the better they look. Here is a list of men’s items that only get better with age:

1.Leather jacket

What makes authentic leather jackets great is that the cow skin warps and wears to your body, making the jacket look unique to you. They will mold around the seams and crinkle around the joints and will give a better fit once you break it in. If you bought a quality leather jacket then it should have no problem lasting you almost a lifetime.

2. Raw Denim Jeans

Raw denim jeans are basically just jeans made from denim that didn’t go through the pre-wash process when it was being made. Because of this, it may be a little stiff when you first buy them, but after about a couple weeks of wear, they will really form to your body. Since the denim wasn’t pre-washed, the dye of the jeans will take on unique characteristics specifically to how you wear them.

3. Leather Wallet

When you first buy your leather wallet, it will seem very still and hard to put anything in it. But as your money grows (hopefully), the leather will soften and conform to the contents you put inside it.

4. Canvas Sneakers

Now we’re not saying that dirty ol’ sneakers are better than fresh ones, but sometimes when your sneakers look a little used, they tell a story about them. We’re talking about a pair of chuck taylor converse that you’ve worn throughout the streets or a pair a canvas vans that might be faded a little from the sun. These are the type of sneakers that look great both new and a little beat up

5. Denim Jacket

Just like leather, denim likes to take the shape of the person wearing it. Denim jackets will change to your characteristics based on the wash, your body shape, how you wear it, and what you do while wearing it. Discoloration and blemishes that come along the way only make it more you.

6. Leather Travel Bags

Taking a leather travel bag around the world will really make it a unique piece that will bring back memories. Overtime, the bag will mellow out after all the use and will really show its history from soft fades from the sun to tiny wrinkles from the heat.

7. Baseball Cap

It may take quite a few wears, but a baseball cap will become a second skin for your head. Both wool and cotton caps will form and shape to your head from the heat and moisture while the brim will take on a perfect curve just the way you want it.

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