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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Suit

Most men don’t have a ton of suits in their wardrobe that they can switch out everyday to look dapper all the time at work. We all usually have one or two suits (maybe three at most) which means that we need to switch up the ways we wear it to get the most out of it. With some tweaks and changes to what you pair with it, a navy suit can go from summer wedding wear to office boardroom ready.

Change Up The Shirt

A white shirt will ALWAYS look good with any kind of suit, but you don’t want to wear the same type of shirt all the time, that will bore your coworkers with your outfit. Mix it up and wear some light color blues and pinks or throw in some stripes and gingham styles.

Find The Right Suit For You

If you’re planning on only owning one or two suits, make sure you get a good one. That light pink suit may be good for that one spring wedding, but will you get any more use out of it besides that?

Stick to a well fitted charcoal or navy suit that you can wear for both business and casual. Choose a nice wool one that is good enough to keep you warm in the winter but lightweight enough that you won’t be sweating in the summer.

Accessorize Right

The accessories you wear with your suit can really change the way it looks. Remember, its the small details that will make a good suit into a great suit. Change up the pocket square and tie each day to add a different style and add a tie bar to make it even more formal.

How To Care For Your Suit Correctly

-Remember, only dry clean your suit when necessary and only dry clean the jacket and pants together. Constant dry cleaning and dull the color of the suit and you wouldn’t want your jacket to be a different color than the pants.

-Hang your suit on a correct suit hanger with wide, rounded shoulders.

-Before every wear take a lint roller to your suit to get excess debris off, it’ll make it look more fresh.

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