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How To Make Sure Your Leather Last A Lifetime

Throughout your life, you’ll have leather pieces in your wardrobe that is meant to last you a lifetime and will most likely will get better with age. But if you don’t care for your leather pieces properly (bags, shoes, jacket, etc.), then you’ll just be throwing your money out the window

1.Avoid Letting the Stains Set In

Leather should be treated with care just like our own skin. If we spill something on ourselves we clean it off right away, right? You should be doing the same thing with your leather as well. Wherever you are, keep a small cloth with you so you can wipe of any spills or stains that fall onto your leather. The longer the stains stay on your leather, the harder it will be to get off.

2.Use Stain Protector Before You Wear

On all your new leather, make sure you spray it with a leather protector that is water resistant. The leather protector creates a barrier on top of the leather that will keep stains and moisture off of it.

3.Reshape Your Leather

With your leather shoes and bags, it is important to reshape your leather after constant use. Leather tends to lose its shape due to changes in hot and cold weather. For shoes, keep a shoe tree inside your shoe when you’re not wearing them. As for a leather bag, stuff the bag with paper bags so it will keep its shape and not sag.

4.Clean Your Leather

The best way to clean your leather is to get a boar hair brush and lightly brush it to get the dirt off. This brush is best because its soft enough to not scratch the leather but will still get excess dirt off the leather. Another option is to get some mild soap mixed with water for a little scrubbing.

5.Store Your Leather Properly

Weather and heat can really take a toll on your leather goods so make sure you keep it out of sunlight if you’re not using them. Store leather bags in closets and never hang them by the handle as it will create creases in it. Place leather shoes in shoe bags if not in use for a long time and insert shoe trees right after you wear them. Hang your leather jackets on a wide padded hanger to avoid stretching and wrinkling.

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