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How To Upgrade Your Style This Spring – Part 1

1. Swap A Regular Tie With A Knit Tie

Even if you don’t have to wear a tie for work, odds are that you have to wear ties for at least some events in your life like a party or wedding. Instead of going with a regular silk or cotton tie, switch it up and opt out for a knit add texture and style.

2. Roll Up Your Jeans

A great pair of selvage jeans has detail and craftsmanship in the stitching and rolling up the bottoms of it will show that off as well as add a bit of casual to your style. Roll the bottoms up about 3/4th of an inch at least two times.

3. Keep Your Sunglasses In Your Top Pocket

When your sunglasses are not on your face, the only place they should be is in your pocket of your jacket. Have the sunglasses in the breast pocket of your blazer/jacket with one arm hanging out to show.

4. Try Out a Granddad Collar

To go for a more relaxed look compared to the buttoned up collar shirt, a granddad collar can show off your neck a little more. This Spring pair a granddad collar with a suit and trainers to give a very contemporary look.

5. Wear That Light Wash Denim

This Spring/Summer the light wash denim is really coming into play and can give a nice relaxed, light style. It can be worn with with white or other lighter colors as well as fun prints.

6. Don’t Just Wear Your Sport Jacket At The Office

Mixing that tailor dressed look with casual is a great way to show that you can mix up your style. Wear your sport jackets on the weekend as well and pair it with an open collared button up or just a plain tee shirt. Even go for an unstructured blazer to give an even more relaxed look, perfect for Sunday brunches.

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