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Essentials For Coachella Weekend/Festival Looks

Written by Wastedhype

Bandanas- First off these are very fashionable when tied around the neck, wrists, bag etc. But they also come in handy when the SAND STORM hits. If you have been to cocachella before then you know what’s coming. Thousands walking the same paths for 3 days straight stirs up the dirt and huge winds pass through Coachella valley making it sometime impossible to even see. Use this to cover you nose and mouth and tie it in the back of your head. Trust me.. you will wish you listened.

Light flannel or jacket- I know what youre thinking. It can reach up to 80 degrees with sweat everwhere, I’m not wearing a flannel.”. But you really should, tie it around your waist during the day. It can get really chilly at night and after a day in the sun, walking and possibliy drinking all day, your body will want something cozy when youre having that long walk back to shuttles, buses, taxis, ubers/lyft. It takes awhile to get out of the festival.

Shoes- Honestly I think the best pair of shoes to wear to a festival are some good old chucks/converse or some vans. These two type of shoes look great clean but sometimes look way better beat up and dirty. Don’t ruin your new Gucci or Addidas.. trust me.. you will regret it. Unless you want your shoes stepped on, drinks spilt, that late night pizza that your friend dropped on your $300 shoes.

Glasses: I would go for something with coverage, I would say bring a cheaper but nice pair of sunnies. If you lose a very nice pair which you probably will, youll be bummed out. You can’t find plenty of cheap glasses all over the Internet that you wouldn’t mind losing. Don’t worry about the designer brands, save those for later.

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