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How To Upgrade Your Style This Spring – Part 2

7. Pair Your Suit With A Printed Shirt

A solid collar dress shirt will always be in style when it comes to dressing your suit, but as casual dress is becoming more norm it is now okay to mix that casual button down with your sport coat. Floral and micromatic prints are acceptable when trying to figure out which shirt you should choose to update your style.

8. Hem Your Pants Shorter

Rolling up your jeans has been back for a while and people are loving them because they show off some of your ankle and lower legs. When it comes to pants, Hemmed shorts are coming back as well. Both pants and slacks, you can grab some of your old pairs and take them to the tailor to get them hemmed a little shorter.

9. Get The Right Fit

The most important tip that I always try to give people is that the fit is the most important part of your clothes. Unless you’re going for the oversized street style clothes, your pants, shirts, jackets etc should be very tailored to your body. Almost everything can be taken to a tailor to make sure everything fits uniquely to you.

10. Keep Your Shoes Clean

Rarely will dirty shoes look good on someone and the only exception I can think of would be some beat up converse or vans. Nothing is worst than someone trying to rock their white kicks but its so dirty that it looks gray. Invest in some five dollar shoe cleaners and make sure you spot check your shoes every once in a while, it’ll make a difference, trust me.

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